Hope Is Not Always A Good Thing

I always encouraged hopefulness but sometimes it seems being hopeful can be a bad thing.

Suppose someone is in an abusive relationship in which one partner beats the other on a regular basis and the partner who keeps getting beat up continue to hope that his or her partner will change because deep down they are a nice person. I have witnessed this kind of situation continuing for years but nothing changed.


So how does one decide when enough is enough and walk away ? That’s not always easy, everyone is in a different situation and has different tolerance level for the abuse. I myself like to think I will tolerate zero abuse, but I too have tolerated abuse from those I love.

Generally speaking if there are enough signals of you as a person being slowly and perniciously harmed it is time to abandon hope and chart a different course for your life that’s away from the abusive person. Time has come to be compassionate towards yourself.

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