More Mindful Self-Compassion Meditations

In my previous posts I mentioned there is a good scientific evidence that a regular meditation practice has many health benefits. Only way to get these benefits is by doing the practice everyday.

Click on the  link below for a fantastic resource on self compassion meditations.

Meditations :: Downloads – Mindful Self-Compassion


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  1. MT Everest

     /  December 6, 2012

    Dr. Chana,
    These are wonderful. The body scan meditation that they have on their site is 25 minutes long. I have only 15 to spare. But listening and doing the first few minutes is very enjoyable. I am curious about the contents of the other meditations on that site. By the titles, I am certain there are a couple…. okay,… maybe a few, that will be helpful and enjoyable.

    • It doesn’t matter which meditation you choose, the main thing is that it be done regularly. I put different ones so you can try them and choose the ones you like.
      There is no right or wrong.

  1. Compassion | onbeingmindful

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