Body Scan Meditation.

It is so important to be connected and be aware of how your body feels at all times. The body provides so much information to our brain, either consciously or unconsciously that it affects how happy, sad or at peace we feel. If we can learn how to be in our bodies it goes a long ways towards influencing and dealing with our emotions. I can tell you more about the benefits of this meditation but they are not realized without regular practice.

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  1. MT Everest

     /  November 27, 2012

    Oh, the meditation felt great. I seem to have huge amounts of tension in this elder body. I can see myself coming back to this. Wish me luck, I haven’t ever been a very disciplined person. Certainly a ‘trying’ person, meant in the most compassionate way! Thanks Dr. Chana.

    • I am glad you found it helpful.
      It gets even better with more practice.

      If you can’t keep up with the formal sitting you can try being mindful informally. That just means scanning your body for muscle tension or other feeling during the day.
      You can be reminded every time you take a sip of water (for example but it can be any event in the day) to do the body scan.

      Good luck.


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