Planting Seeds in Our Minds – Spring Time

Its spring time and we may be excited about planting seeds in our gardens. We are likely to be mindful about what seeds we saw and water, because it’s the fruits of theses seeds that we will enjoy; and want others to enjoy too. We may even be able to imagine the future and see ourselves, our friends and family enjoying the  harvest.

Nguyen Anh-Huong, a Buddhist Monk, uses the garden as a metaphor for the mind and says…

“…Our mind is a field in which every kind of seed is sawn; seeds of compassion, joy and hope; seeds of sorrow, fear and despair. Everyday our thoughts, words and our deeds plant new seeds in the field of our consciousness and what these seeds generate becomes the substance of our life. There are both wholesome and unwholesome seeds in our mind field sawn by ourselves, our parents , our school,  our ancestors and our society. If you plant wheat, wheat will grow. If you act in wholesome way you will be happy. If you act in unwholesome way you will water seeds of craving, anger and violence in yourself and others. The practice of mindfulness helps us identify all of the seeds in our consciousness and with that knowledge we can choose to water  only the ones that are most beneficial. As we cultivate seeds of joy and transform seeds of suffering in ourselves, understanding, love, compassion and gratitude will flower.”

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