Sunshine Award

Dear Mary (

Thank you for nominating me for the Sunshine Award, I am in Costa Rica and enjoying life. I am honoured to be nominated for two awards in one week.

I hope this means my blog is visited by people and it encourages them to think and reflect on what the best things in life are; this is only the first step for pursuing ‘good life’.

Ultimately I hope my blog will have some contribution to someone’s life to bring them happiness,patience and peace; allows them to love and be loved,  to be compassionate, to live without fear and with ease.

If this is so, I am ecstatic with joy.

Thank You with all the possible sense of profound gratitude.

From Costa Rica

Hari Chana

Nominated by ; I am complying with the acceptance by …………Nominating the following

I enjoy following your blogs. Congratulations.

Thank You everyone.

Hari Chana

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