Inspirational Video On Love

Sandra sent me this beautiful inspirational video on love . It is always good to be reminded of love and its  awesome power; but especially on the long family weekend. Here is the link:- ENJOY.

Power Of Love

Sandra also sent me a link to visualization meditation event coming up (free) with The Chopra Centre.

Meditation Registration

Have a great family day weekend. May you all be blessed with love ,kindness, compassion, caring, hope, joy , patience, peace and good health.

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  1. Great parable! Surely this wouldn’t correlate to tea connoisseurs ;o). So many of life’s wisdoms are reflected in a beverage … Cup half full.
    Thought you might also like Dan Gilbert on Ted talks asking “why are we happy?”. He introduces synthesized happiness vs natural happiness and the undermining power of freedom and choice. Sounds a bit inflammatory, I know, but you will be laughing (with natural happiness of course)

    Surrender to happiness?
    Surrender to happiness!

  2. Henny

     /  February 19, 2012

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful and inspirational!


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