Five Guideposts To Illuminate The Spiritual Side Of Sexuality.


1. Sex as Communication:  Sex can be the most intimate form of communication at its hight; it involves opening and meeting from our deepest and most vulnerable parts as equals; no words need to be spoken; the soul of each recognize the other; the interdependence and oneness is acknowledged; communication changes to communion.

2. Sex as Surrender: The deep communication leads to surrender. This kind of surrender doesn’t mean to give up or quit on yourself or life. It just mean you have relaxed your fixed thinking adequately and can allow deeper wisdom to inform your direction. The flow of life allows more peace and happiness and takes us ultimately to our True Self, where we really feel at home.

3. Sex as Delight: When sex is good there is happiness. Sex as delight is much more, it is good under all conditions, positive or negative because the reference of delight is deeper within beyond contradictions.

4. The Union of Opposites: In the ancient tradition which have not been dominated by western thought, the importance of balancing the masculine and feminine elements within each of us, as well as in the external world,  has been long recognized as the basis for harmony in all life. In the East, the Tantras – ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures – use sexual symbolism to express the union of the opposites necessary for enlightenment. In the Hindu Tantras the Shakti, or goddess, is considered the primal energy of the world, and the male deity ( often Shiva) symbolizes meditative stillness. In Buddhist Tantra, the female deity symbolizes emptiness or wisdom ( stillness), while male deity symbolizes compassion or skillful means( activity). In Taoism, union is expressed by yin and yang symbols. The female is symbolized by the yin – dark, passive, soft, yielding energy  – and the male by the yang: active , hard, light energy. The universe is made up of the union of both. Light cannot exist without dark, active without passive, hard without soft.

So the masculine and feminine forces naturally seek their opposites. Together they make a balanced whole. When we prevent an individual from accessing both male and female qualities within themselves, they will feel a lack or a deep emptiness. Consequently, they desperately seek to complete themselves by attracting the missing elements in another. Or if the inner masculine and inner feminine are at war with each other, a person will experience chaos within and conflict without as the stronger aspect attempts to take over and suppress the other while the weaker side rebels.

In sexual union, masculine and feminine in balance; there is sexual harmony, which put one in communion with the infinite force of nature, giving one a deeper reference for a relationship.

5. Sex as Cosmos:  As Above , So Below. In The Way of Splendor, Edwin Hoffman relates the ancient Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah…” the celestial ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ unite in sexual ecstasy to sustain the cosmos each day…..Whenever marital partner engage in lovemaking with intense concentration, they help to harmonize all the realm of the universe. That is, just as the full sexual embrace  – if performed with the proper attitude and desire – is seen to bring the human couple together on many level of their being, so too does this act cause peace and love to reign more thoroughly everywhere. ‘As above, so below.’ ”


Chop Wood Carry Water

By Rick Fields, with Peggy Taylor, Rex Weyler, and Rick Ingrasci.

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