Seven Tips for Healing Yourself

1. Accept your illness: by acceptance the illness does not rule your life, it frees up energy for other things and you know the future is something you can handle.

2.See the illness as a source of growth: in any loss powerful human experiences are set in motion. Regard these experiences as teachers, psychologically grow something in place of the loss and become more powerful and resilient than before the illness.

3.View your illness as a positive redirection in your life: when illness is judged to be bad,lots of energy is wasted feeling bad over it. If you assume your life is redirected by your illness towards something that your were supposed to be doing, you are then more likely to be at peace and spare the energy enjoying here and now.

4. Understand that death or recurrence is not a failure if steps one, two, or three are accomplished, but a further choice or another step: if staying alive is your goal , then that is already a failure because we all have to die someday. When you realize there is only limited time left, you might as well enjoy that time to the best of your ability, starting here and now.

5.Learn self-love and peace of mind and the body responds: loving yourself is affirming that you are a worthwhile person and you are here to give something to the world. When you do that, your immune system says, ” This person likes living, let’s fight for his or her life.”

6. Don’t make physical change your sole goal: to make your sole goal to overcome an illness may not be very productive. If you make your goal to learn how to seek  peace of mind, acceptance , hope, love, forgiveness and illness as only one of the problem you are having, it is then far easier and more successful to deal with the illness.

7.Achieve immortality through love: The only way you can live for ever is to love someone – then you really leave a gift behind. When you spend time loving someone you spend a lot of time living and very little time dying. If we have not learned to love we spend a lot of time dying and very little time living.


The above list is adopted from one provided by Dr. Bernard Siegel, MD

Page 189

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