I underestimated the elephants.

After a raft trip on the river that run through a jungle I was happy to have soaked in the natures healing energy. I was feeling good and wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary for the rest of the day. I wasn’t looking forward to watching ” the elephant show”, I thought it would be just simple tricks that poor elephants had to learn for hours and now were made to perform for us the humans. I was not looking forward to watching them to say the least, I would rather they were in the wild enjoying the beauty of the nature just as I has experienced it that very morning. I started to feel sad for the elephants.

Elephant the Painter

Another Master Painter - out of the 65 elephants in this village only 4 have revealed that they can paint, the rest I think are too shy !!!!

Then something extraordinary happen, three elephants were given paint brushes and I thought they were going to make few spots on the paper and that would be the end of it. But no , they were producing master piece paintings, that I would have hard time painting myself. The painting captured the movements in the picture perfectly. These elephants could think and conceptualize, I was humbled; why does man think that they are the only species that have the gift of creating art….which is one of the highest cognitive functions and one that suppose to separate the humans from animals. I thought hummm…from now on I will either have to call myself an animal or I will have to say elephants are more the just an animal….because to say elephant is just an animal suddenly didn’t seem right… unless we redefine the word ” animal”.  Something to think about,…. this ought to suggest animals have ethical rights too and man cannot treat animals as means to their own ends.

After the elephant encounter I went to fill myself with the beauty of the orchids by visiting an orchid garden. The following orchids are dedicated to all the elephants who should be in nature, filling themselves with natures beauty.

I remain in gratitude for the wonderful experiences I have been able to have in this wonderful, magical universe we live in. I feel my energies are restored and my soul is more aligned. May these gifts flow to others too.

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  1. Tarlochan Singh Chana

     /  January 27, 2012

    Its very pleasant to see those pictures painted by elephants and yoy being there must felt really good. Very pleased to see you having nice time and filling us with your thoughts keep up the good work and see you soon. Tarlochan

  2. MT Everest

     /  January 28, 2012

    I am in total awe….. so many things immediately rush through my mind….how is it that we have never heard of this wonder? Someone should make a documentary. Elephants are apparently much more intelligent than anyone credited them…. how did they learn? Then my mind quiets, all the questions stop and I am simply left with the beauty and awe.
    Now I am glad we did not know this before, that no-one made a documentary. This meant so much more and is so much more credible coming from you Dr. Chana.
    My husband Ken shows his caring for all animals and he looks after the plants in our house. Some people believe that our spirit aligns with particular animals, the naIndians believe that every living thing has a spirit, including plants and other seeming inanimates. They have their shapeshifters, the chinese have their 12 yr increments representing animals and others just believe from their own experience and feelings. The only picture that I ever wanted to buy for my husband was actually a ‘poster’ of 1 elephant. It was a bit rich for us, but at a 2nd hand store one day…. I saw the most unique, (I think ceramic) circle of white elephants, each one sculpted in a different stance and the piece grabbed my spirit and Ken still sometimes just looks at it and occasionally remarks how unique and precious this gift is to him. I know that he will be in awe as well when he sees your essay, your elephants and your orchids.
    Dr. Chana. Thanks again for a wonderful start to my morning!
    I just read this to Ken and showed hiim the pictures. He asked me to tag his name onto these notes. So thanks from Ken as well.

    • Thanks for your comment. Apparently there are elephants in other parts of the world but certainly I didn’t know about it.

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