Beautiful Chiang Mai

I am finally here in Chiang Mai. I arrived at 11 pm yesterday,  had no hotel reservation, I was supposed to be on the golden triangle tour. Couldn’t contact anyone at 11 pm so I just booked anywhere there was a room available. With the Chinese new year the hotels were full. Next day I organized myself half day tour of the Buddhist Temple and of a small Chiang Mai village; followed by two-hour Thai Massage at the end of the day. Another good day.

Here are some pictures:

My would have been elephant ride !

New years celebration

Every day is a New Year - why wait 360 to celebrate it again when you can do every day !

Poppy flower - relaxing !

It was a tiring day for some.....but very spiritual.

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  1. It looks like you are enjoying your new camera. The photos might have turned out too wobbly on the back of an elephant.
    One thing I so enjoy about travel is the quality of my thought. There is something about looking at the world through fresh eyes…challenging our patterns and rehearsed beliefs, opening us to the opportunities which are always before us, but we are too busy to embrace.
    May the adventure grow even richer.


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