Paradox of Our Times

Lot of people from the west  visiting the third world countries  often notice that people there are usually happier and more content, even though they are not wealthy; but have enough to meet their basic requirement. For some reason people expect them to be less happy because they don’t have enough “material stuff”. They don’t realize that is exactly why people from the west are not happy. The ” material stuff ” gets in the way of making human connections which is the essence of being happy.  The ” stuff ” disconnects and distract us from forming bonding and attachment to others in our communities. It has come to a point where we don’t even know our neighbours very well. We are on our computers loading ourselves with useless information or playing video games or watching television. There is no time to talk to our friends and neighbours, we think we are happier playing with our stuff.

I really admire the Amish people who consider very carefully before they introduce any technology in their community because they have the wisdom to know that any technology  under the pretext of efficiency is not necessarily good for the crucial human connections in their community. Here is a slide show which show this paradox of our times. …..ENJOY.

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  1. Cathy Edmundson

     /  December 9, 2011

    That is absolutley the truth!! Material stuff gets in the way and hinders our ability to see what really matters. Self, family, friends, home. What some people see as having it all may not make them happy and they wonder why and buy more “stuff” instead of looking inside and possibly taking a good look at themselves. Sometimes myself I could just walk away from everything and live in the mountains beside a lovely stream somewhere. As long as there is indoor plumbing! 🙂

  2. Paolo

     /  December 9, 2011

    Do the Amish have indoor plumbing?
    Eckhart Tolle writes that the fruits of meditation are seen in our dealings with people.
    Dr. Chana here writes that making connections is the essence of happiness.
    I might add that kindness is the simplest truth.
    But here again I flunk.
    The longer I live, the more I yearn for quiet and solitude, away from humans and their noise and their hand-held devices with ten frivolous functions. But this is not available to me. The biggest consolation is that so many people, so many occasions to feel superior… oops I meant occasions to make friends.

    • Hi Paolo,I think Amish do have indoor plumbing.
      Maybe I am wrong, but doesn’t human connection involve dealing with people and being kind ?
      I agree with you that there is too much noise and stuff which we don’t need.

  3. Paolo

     /  December 10, 2011

    You point out the contradiction of promoting kindness while seeking escape from people.
    Well, as we know, humans are full of contradictions.
    And the human history of the spiritual pilgrimage is also full of contradictions:
    hermits and Mother Teresas, faith vs good works, Kali and Kuan Yin,
    meditation exercises which emphasize concentration on one thing vs concentrating on everything (aaaargh!), asceticism vs feel-good gurus.
    A reconciliation of apparent contradictions waits on the other side of the veil of Avidya
    — though God did finally answer Job’s complaint with: “Who are you to ask?”) [Job 38:1-2]

    • I am promoting kindness and human connection.
      Also promoting less noise by having less stuff.
      Thanks again for your comment.


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